Thai Elephant Conservation Center (TECC) in Thailand

Thai Elephant Conservation Center (TECC)

OwnerThai National Elephant Institute
First elephant arrived1993
Address 26 Tamao T. Weangnear A.Mueng
Zip-code 52000
Place Lampang
Country Thailand
Website Website

Directors: Taweepoke Angkawanish (director)

Key People -: Richard C. Lair (consultant)


Elephant department

Head keepers
of elephants
-: Somchat Changkarn
(chief mahout)
-: Thongkham Manoya
(chief mahout)

Elephant keepers -: Pairote Sabmak
Record history
History of updates2023-02-15

Latest document update2023-02-15 14:13:21
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Thai Elephant Conservation Center (TECC), located at 26 Tamao T. Weangnear A.Mueng, in Lampang, Thailand , was founded in 1993 and the first elephant arrived in 1993.

Living elephants

At the Thai Elephant Conservation Center (TECC) lives 93 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. AI born 2007-03-07
  2. AI
  3. Bai Tong
  4. Plai Boon Long born 2011
  5. Butoo born 2018-08-18
  6. Chun Pen
  7. Fa Jam born ~2016
  8. Fahsai
  9. Pang Fueng Fah born ~2000
  10. Gingtong
  11. Joey
  12. Jojo
  13. Kaengsopa born 2003
  14. Karn Kraey
  15. Katid
  16. Khai Waan born 2012-09-25
  17. Khampun born 1967
  18. Pang Kod born 1982
  19. Kongtong born 1977
  20. Lawan
  21. Look Khang
  22. Maddy (Mo Dee) born 1980?
  23. Plai Mee Chok born >2008
  24. Momay
  25. Nam Mei
  26. Nau Oon born 2004-06-12
  27. Plai Nhing-Nhong
  28. Now May
  29. Pang Pachi (Pachee) born 2007
  30. Pang Pum Paung born 1981
  31. Pang Yom
  32. Phunzup
  33. Popeye born 2010
  34. Prachaub
  35. Prathida born 1993
  36. Saishon
  37. Saitong
  38. Sak Surin born 1994
  39. Sampran born 2002
  40. Sing Korn (Singha Khon)
  41. Singha born 2011-04-05
  42. Somchai
  43. Sri Dor Yai
  44. Sri Siam born 2001
  45. Tan Tawan
  46. Tanwa
  47. Thangmo born 2006
  48. Tongkam born 2011-09-09
  49. Tongpoon
  50. Tongtae born 1999
  51. Tongtang
  52. Uaengkam born 2008-03-03
  53. uknown
  54. unknown born 2008-10-23
  55. unknown
  56. unknown
  57. unknown
  58. unknown
  59. unknown born 1984
  60. unknown
  61. unknown
  62. unknown
  63. unknown
  64. unknown
  65. unknown
  66. unknown
  67. unknown
  68. unknown
  69. unknown
  70. unknown
  71. unknown
  72. unknown
  73. unknown
  74. unknown
  75. unknown
  76. unknown
  77. unknown
  78. unknown
  79. unknown
  80. unknown
  81. unknown
  82. unknown
  83. unknown
  84. unknown
  85. unknown
  86. unknown
  87. unknown
  88. unknown
  89. Wandee
  90. Wang Chao
  91. Wangtong born 2003
  92. Wanna
  93. wild mother

Comments / picturesThe Thailand Elephant Conservation Center(ศูนย์อนุรักษ์ช้างไทย) is attached to the Veterinary Section, Northern Timber Work Division, and also operate the The Thai Elephant Conservation hospital where private owned elephants are temporarily treated.

Formerly the Young Elephant Training Centre, operated by Forestry Industry Organization and is the first center in Thailand to train elephants for forest work.

The Centre is located in Ban Tung Kiewn, Amphoe Hang Chat, on Lampang-Chiang Mai Highway 32 kms. from Lampang. At the center, the elephant’s activities such as bathing, working and log pushing are demonstrated for the public. In addition, the center provides elephant riding tour.

In an adjacent area to wards the hills, six of the King’s White Elephants are cared for in pleasant surroundings, having been moved here from the grounds of Chitrlada Palace in Bangkok in 1986. Another four are in Sakon Nakhon, with only the most senior animal remaining in Bangkok. Each of these revered animals has its own newly constructed building and attendants, and although this area is not open to the public, the elephants can sometimes be seen in the Elephant Conservation Centre.

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