Hunt Brothers Circus in United States

Hunt Brothers Circus
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CountryUnited States

Show owned and managed by Chas. T. Hunt Sr., and Mrs. Hunt assisted by three sons, Harry, Chas. Jr., and Eddie, their wives and Mr, & Mrs. Levine. Mrs, Levine is Mr. Hunt's daughter.

1949-50 During this brief period of time Louis Reed trained an incredible number of young elephants, five for Hamid-Morton (Siam, Delhi, Bombay, Mysore and Calcutta) five for Hunt Bros. Circus (Chandre, Sita, Rani, Muna and Dinu, these were trained on the road) three for Biller Bros. (Margie, Betty and Lillian) and "Jean" for Terrell Jacobs. Being well past his prime, he would solicit the aid of Smokey Jones who was always ready for an adventure. //Buckles Woodcock Guestbook Recent changes-updates Glossary - Encyclopedia Frequently asked questions Elephant Facts & Trivia Evolution Extinct:Proboscidea Species Anatomy Diseases People Care Footcare Training Breeding Database Location database Shiva Organizations Literature F Posters Website Webrings Contact Selected links News