Lok Kawi Wildlife Park (Sabah Zoo) in Malaysia

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park (Sabah Zoo)

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Size280-acre (1.1 km2)
Address 63, Jalan Penampang
Zip-code 88200
Place Penampang
Region Sabah, Borneo
Country Malaysia

DirectorsAugustine Tuuga

Key People

Veterinarians: Navaneetha Roopan (veterinarian)

Elephant department

Head keepers
of elephants
2017-2022: Joe Fred Lansou
(elephant head-keeper)
Nur’Ain Acheh

Elephant keepers -: Ruhaizam Ruslan
Record history
History of updates2020-10-21

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Lok Kawi Wildlife Park (Sabah Zoo), located at 63, Jalan Penampang, in Penampang, Malaysia .

Living elephants

At the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park (Sabah Zoo) lives 16 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Amoi born 2008-05-00
  2. Bagahak born 2002
  3. Boy born 1998
  4. Girl born 1997
  5. Huminodun
  6. Joe born 2012
  7. Komali born 1995
  8. Limba born 1979
  9. Miss born 1985
  10. notnamed born 2023-00-00
  11. notnamed born 2023-00-00
  12. notnamed born 2022-11-29
  13. Pikang born 2009
  14. Ruandu
  15. Sumandak born 2008-02-01
  16. Takiri born 1998

Comments / picturesSabah Zoo is the largest zoo in Malaysia and the first zoo in Sabah, located about 20 kilometres south of the city.

2018-10-22: 15 elephants at the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park.

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