George Munro in Germany

George Munro
First elephant1948

Munro also started and owned Bremer Tierpark 1967-1974.

Possible table of imports:


Trasp 1: Sura, sold to Rostock, and another female. This may be Nika, going to Stockholm over Hamburg.

Transp 2:

Schöpfi, Hati to Rostock, Sonja to Magdeburg. (Schöpfis import is described in the book Mit Elefanten unterwegs (Gotthard Berger), which says she was captured in Assam, India, in 1960, and shipped together with three other elephants from Calcutta in India to Bremerhafen in Germany. It seems that the other three was Joni, Hathi and Sonja.

According to EPP, Joni was sold to Berlin Tierpark, but I wonder if
theres an error, maybe this is the same jony that in 1966 came to
Zoocentrum Moskwa and later Perm...?

In 1962-02-23 hes sending away at least three elephants:
Assam to Erfurt, Bupari III and Rani II to Halle.
Gaya to Rostock, Delhi to Leipzig,


Oly and Pia is sold to Berlin Circus Union, Bombay and Star to
Dresden, India and Magda to Lodz, Kinga to Krakow,

10 july a small asian arrived.

Mala to Hamburg,
(1966 also seems to be the export for Toka to USA.)

In September Munro had three larger elephants, one was transported 26 september, arriving 28 in Berlin Tiergarten.


Mocamba and Somali to Wendel Huber.


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