Circus Moulier in Germany

Circus Moulier
Poster by Adolph Friedländer
Poster by Adolph Friedländer


OwnerFamily Müller
Closed down1917
Place Alsenborn
Country Germany

DirectorsRodolpho Moulier

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Poster by Adolph Friedländer

Poster by Adolph Friedländer
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Circus Moulier, in Alsenborn, Germany , was founded in 1913. Circus Moulier closed down in 1917.

Comments / picturesThe circus musician Simon Müller was affiliated with a circus family Schramm in Alseborn, and here was a gossip that artists didnt had to pay tax to the municipal, why more circus families joined the Müllers in Alsenborn, including William Althoff, and Alsenborn became a "circus-village".

The family Müller started their own circus in 1913, using the name Moulier.[1] The family owned a stone Villa and a large garden in Alsenborn, where they kept their animals during the winters, when not on tour.

During the war, after touring Frankfurt, the circus was closed down, when the men in the Müller family was called to join the army.

Their sister Carola was in 1917 alone on the farm, taking care of animals, including two elephants, of which one was Sam, who later became famous when pictures were spread, when the elephant was pulling a plough, when Carola Müller needed to plough her fields.

The idea to use an elephant for this purpose came from village master carpenter Schmitt, who later used Sam to plough his own potato field at Simonsflur with great success.[3]

Circus Moulier in Germany Germany
Elephant Sam from the circus family Moulier, 1917.

Unfortunately didnt the two elephants survive the war, they probably died of malnutrition, it is said they starved to death, as many circus animals did during WWI, especially carnivores, who needed large volumes of meat.[3]

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