Carson and Barnes Circus in United States

Carson and Barnes Circus

Local name Tex Carson Circus

Owner 1954-1969: Jack Moore
1969-1971: Angela Moore
1969-1971: Wanda Moore
1969-1971: Martha Moore
1969-1971: Madelyn Moore
1969-1971: Mike Moore
1969-1999: D. R. Miller
1999-: Barbara Miller Byrd
1999-: Geary Byrd
First elephant arrived1954
Opened for public1954
Address Box J
Zip-code 74743
Place Hugo, Oklahama
Country United States
Website Website


Key People: Kennedy Swain Sr. (artist)


Elephant department

Head keepers
of elephants
1972: Gary Jacobson
(elephant trainer)
1985-: Donnie Carr
(elephant trainer)
-: Armando Loyal
(elephant trainer)
-1959: Richard Shipley
(elephant superintendent)

Elephant keepers 1977-1983: Jim Laurita
Random literature

Carson and Barnes Circus, located at Box J, in Hugo, Oklahama, United States , opened for public in 1954 and the first elephant arrived in 1954.

Living elephants

At the Carson and Barnes Circus lives 13 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Becky born 1969
  2. Bunnie
  3. Chang born 1972
  4. Isa born 1970
  5. Isla born 1968
  6. Kelly born 1970
  7. Libby
  8. Lisa
  9. Lulu born 1975
  10. Tracy (Traci, Tracey) born 1970
  11. Val born 2007-04-27
  12. Viola
  13. Zola born 1965

Comments / picturesThe Carson & Barnes Circus never had more than five elephants under Jack Moore. The 1962 Group included Mabel, Jenny, Josky, Wanda and Suzie.

To the uninformed Jack Moore first called his show the Tex Carson Circus and leased his first elephant from D.R. Miller in 1954 "Mabel". By the time this picture was taken he had four, "Mabel", "Josky", "Jenny" and "Suzie" and a new name "Carson & Barnes". To what extent D.R. was involved with this show is unknown.
By 1969 Mr. Moore had passed away and D.R. made a settlement with his widow Angela and thru a complicated set of circumstances took the Carson & Barnes title and placed it on his show which it remains until this day.
The Al G. Kelly & Miller Bros. title remained dormant for the next 15 years until it was revived by David Rawls in an abbreviated form "Kelly Miller Circus".

1985, January: 27 elephants; Asian elephants: 1. Kay (40 yrs), 2. Barbara (abt 40 yrs, arrived 1947), 3. Sue (late 30s), 4. Tina (mid 20s), 5. Minnie (abt 25), 6. Lydia (40s) 7. Ginny (15), 8. Viola (16), 9. Mona (abt 15), 10. Lilly (abt 15), 11. Isa (abt 15), 12. Becky (abt 15), 13. Bunny (17), 14. Libby, 15. Sis, 16. Roxie, 17. Margaretta (15), 18. Del Rita (15), 19. Alta (18), 20. Isla (15), 21. Opal (15), 22. Kelly (abt 15), 23- Tracy (14), African elephants: 24. Paula (22), 25. Toni (4 yrs), 26. Brittany (3,5), and 27. Christy (3,5). (circus report)

Carson and Barnes Circus in United States United+StatesElephants on Carson and Barnes, 1992.

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