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Present living elephants at Sosto Zoo in Hungary

This database list 7 elephants

Nr Sex Species Name Id Origin Age Arrival from location
1 ♂ LA Kibo
EEP id: 00
Born captive-born 2022-08-29 by Jack x Kwanza at Sosto Zoo , 1 yrs2022-08-29
2 ♀ LA Kimani
EEP id: 201802? (unconfirmed)
Born captive-born 2018-06-16 by Jack x Kwanza at Sosto Zoo , 5 yrs2018-06-16
3 ♀ LA Kwanza
EEP id: 20008
Born captive-born 2001-08-13 by Kibo x Dudu at Boras Zoo , 22 yrs2011-10-29 Boras Zoo
4 ♀ EM Yasmin (Yasmine)
EEP id: 8803
Born wild 1966 at Unknown , 57 yrs2009-09-12 Terra Natura theme park, Benidorm
5 ♀ EM Motki
EEP id: 7105
Born wild 1969 at Unknown , 54 yrs2009-09-12 Terra Natura theme park, Benidorm
6 ♀ EM Tanja
EEP id: 8204
Born unknown 1975 at India unspecified location , 48 yrs2009-09-12 Terra Natura theme park, Benidorm
7 ♂ LA Jack
EEP id: 9207
Born wild 1992 at Kruger National Park , 31 yrs2020-10-20 Basel Zoo

Source for the list of elephants presently living at Sosto Zoo

Reference list

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Sources used for this list:

Latest updateName of elephantSource (if it is a website, the target website will open in new window)
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•  Gábor Vadász, Sosto Zoo.
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2018-11-27 Motki:• The Best of Friends, John Aspinall
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•  https://www.facebook.com/sostozoo/posts/2111774842218248
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• Jonas Wahlström
Elephants and Egotists by Patricia Sumerling
2013-05-20 Kwanza:• Daniela Dunger, Leipzig
•  Gábor Vadász
•  Markus Svedin, Boras Zoo

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2020-10-22Jack the elephant bull (27) has moved from basel zoo and returned home to sosto zoo in hungary. - Elephant News

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