George´s Pet Shop (George Flemming) in United States

George´s Pet Shop (George Flemming)
First elephant0
Closed down1981
Address5387 Annapolis Rd.
RegionPrince Georges County, Maryland
CountryUnited States

George actually owned two over the years, baby Asian elephants that he purchased to rent out for political rallies, although a 1966 story in The Post said George was willing to part with his 4-month-old elephant from Thailand, for $5,000 to $6,000.

One of the elephants was eventually sold to a traveling petting zoo called Jet’s. One was rented to a Republican convention where, it caught a cold. Guestbook Recent changes-updates Glossary - Encyclopedia Frequently asked questions Elephant Facts & Trivia Evolution Extinct:Proboscidea Species Anatomy Diseases People Care Footcare Training Breeding Database Location database Shiva Organizations Literature F Posters Website Webrings Contact Selected links News