Goldwyn Brothers circus in Australia

Goldwyn Brothers circus
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Photos on Library of New South Wales

The first name I found was a female elephant named 'Annie'. She was reported in the Horsham Times (26 September 1941) when she had entered a caravan to shelter from a storm. Annie was the first elephant obtained by Goldwyns. She had been sent from London as 'a refugee elephant' Horsham Times (26 September 1941) What happened to Annie after 1950 is unknown. At some point prior to 1950 Annie may have been sold or passed away. I can't find any reports at this stage of her fate. After 1950 Goldwyn's possessed three elephants Peggy, Annie (the second) and her sister Fanny, since the report from the Sunday Herald (23 December 1951) mentions three elephants, Peggy being one of them. Annie and Fanny had their names changed to 'Topsy" and 'Jennie'.
Elephants at Goldwyn Brothers Circus by Liz Clarke

There is a menagerie, including Annie,"the refugee elephant" from London
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