Chapmans London Zoo Circus in United Kingdom

Chapmans London Zoo Circus
Cheltenham, UK, 1934.
Cheltenham, UK, 1934.
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CountryUnited Kingdom

Owner: George B. Chapman

Three elephants from Chapmans London Zoo Circus were passing with two keepers along Albion-street, Cheltenham at lunch time today when opposite the shop of Bloodworth and Sons, seed merchants, a small stampede occurred, and one elephant finally entered the shop and another got half inside.

Even an elephant likes a change of diet, and Jumbo can be decidedly awkward when he plans to vary the menu himself.

Mr. W. T. Goodhall, manager of the shop was attending to his books when he heard shouting. Looking up he saw a giant shape shambling through the doorway.

Imagine his surprise when, with mind calmy engrossed with pounds, shillings and pence, in walks an elephant and without so much as a by your leave, helps itself to seed potatoes, dog biscuits, meal and other elephantine luxuries.

One of the keepers was unable to get in to the shop until the elephant, which completely filled the threshold, had entered. Once inside the keeper set about forcibly changing the elephants mind. His task was made more difficult for another elephant was already half way through the door.

The other, still in the road, was being kept under control, and after about five minutes of belabouring the intruders were evicted.

Fortunately very little damage was done, and Mr. Goodhall a nd his assistant, after gathering up the potatoes, and putting the shop straight, were able to realise the humour of the situation.

Chapmans Circus is appearing at Carters Field, Prestbury-road today. One performance was held this afternoon, and there will be another at 8 oclock to-night.

It is an event which attracts a large crowd of children and grown-ups. The circus acts are original and many of them are being in England for the first time.

Chapmans is the only circus touring with groups of lions, tigers polar bears, black comedy bears, elephants, and boxing kanaroos. The zoo will also be open to-morrow.

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