Circus Barum in Germany

Circus Barum
Poster by Adolph Friedländer, 1931
Poster by Adolph Friedländer, 1931

Local name Circus Kreiser, Circus Simoneit-Barum

Owner 1878-1907: Carl Froese
1907-1935: Helene Froese
1907-1935: Arthur Kreiser
1935-1972: Margarete Kreiser-Barum
1972-2008: Gerd Simoneit-Barum
Closed down2008
Address Braunschweiger Str. 2
Zip-code 37574
Place Einbeck
Country Germany
Website Website

Directors: Lavinia Renz (director)
1878-1907: Carl Froese
1907-1935 : Helene Froese and Arthur Kreiser
1935-1972: Margarete Kreiser-Barum
1972-2008: Gerd Simoneit

Key People -2008: Rebecca Simoneit-Barum (animal trainer)


Elephant department

Head keepers
of elephants
: Charly Weiser
(elephant trainer)
1979-1980: Henry Schroer
(elephant trainer)

Elephant keepers
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Circus Barum, located at Braunschweiger Str. 2, in Einbeck, Germany , was founded in 1878. Circus Barum closed down in 2008.

Comments / pictures1878: Founded by animal trader Carl Froese in Königsberg as Barums amerikanische Karawanen-Menagerie. Later also known as Circus Kreiser and after 1972 labelled as Circus Simoneit-Barum.

1907: Carl Froese died.

1907: Carl Froeses daughter took over with her husband, the animal trainer Arthur Kreiser.

1935: Their daughter Margarete Kreiser-Barum took over the show.

1972: Margarete Kreiser-Barum sold the circus to the famous animal trainer Gerd Simoneit (-2021), who had started as animal keeper at Circus Williams 1946, 15 years old. Circus was renamed to Circus Simoneit-Barum.

1970s: The circus had 10 elephants.

2008: Circus Simoneit-Barum closed down. After the circus closed, his daughter Rebecca Simoneit-Barum took over some animals to her Event-Agentur Barum and Bauer Performance. The circus winterquarters in Braunschweiger Str. 2, 37574 Einbeck, Germany, was sold to circus Charles Knie.

20th July 2021: Gerd Simoneit died in Einbeck.

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