Palmer Brothers Wild Animal Circus in United States

Palmer Brothers Wild Animal Circus
First elephant0
Stopped elephants1921
Closed down1921
CountryUnited States

The entire outfit was completely stranded in Palo Alto when Mr. Palmer himself took off with all the
door receipts as well as the “fat girl, midget maiden, African pigmy boy and Australian bushman,” according
to the Palo Alto Times. Left behind were 190 unpaid employees who took refuge waiting to be paid more
than $10,000 in past due wages.

With Mr. Palmer long gone and no money to keep the circus going, the Times reported days later that many
residents were beginning to complain of the “noise of the caged animals” and “of a sanitation problem that
has developed.” The complaints prompted city authorities to order the circus to leave, charging $100 a day
for its use of city land. Eventually, Palmer’s abandoned circus was purchased by another proprietor and the
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