Howes Great London Circus and Van Amburgs Trained Wild Animals in United States

Howes Great London Circus and Van Amburgs Trained Wild Animals
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Closed down1922
CountryUnited States

Framed show owned by by Jerry Mugivan, Bert Bowers and Edward Ballard under the title of Howes Great London Circus and Van Amburgs Trained Wild Animals. Mugivan, Bowers and Ballard owned three shows, John Robinson, Hagenbeck-Wallace, and Howes Great London. In late season 1920 they purchased from Fred Buchanan, the Yankee Robinson Circus and a few weeks later the Sells-Floto Circus including the Buffalo Bill title and the shows winter quarters at Denver. Sells-Floto was quartered at denver and the other at Halls farm in Lancaster.

There were nine Indian elephants accumulated at Lancaster from the herds of the two shows. Howes in 1920 had 4 bulls, Alice, Nellie Lockhart, Lizzie and Toto. On Yankee Robinson in 1920 were five, Rubber, Billy, Mary, Katie and Babe. Rubber was sold to Palmer Bros. and Billy, a male, was shipped to the Sells-Floto Circus in Denver where his name was changed to Young Snyder. Mary and Katie were also shipped to Denver but later they were returned to Lancaster before the season opened.

For the 1921 season the 7 elephants making up the herd were, Alice, Nellie Lockhart, Lizzie, Toto, Mary, Katie and Babe. All were females with exception of the tough little male, Toto.

Howes Great London Circus, Season of 1921 By Joseph T. Bradbury. Bandwagon, Vol. 8, No. 5 (Sep-Oct), 1964, pp. 4-13.

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