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George Lockhart Sr.
AddressElephanta lodge, Harington road
CountryUnited Kingdom
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George Lockhart Sr., located at Elephanta lodge, Harington road, in Brighton, United Kingdom.

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The brothers George Lockhart, Samuel Lockhart, and Harry Lockhart were all three involved with elephant training.

George William Lockhart was born 1825 as son to Sam Locker, who changed his name to Lockhart, after he married Hanna Pinder, from Pinder circus family.

In 24 January 1904, George Lockhart was crushed to death while unloading elephants at the railroad station on Hoe st. at Walthamstow, London.

When an elephant is badly scared, he becomes panic stricken and takes complete leave of his senses. Then he is likely to run over you, trample on you, or crush you against something. It was in this way that Lockhart, the famous trainer, was killed. He was loading one Sunday morning in London, when something frightened the herd. The elephants started to run through the railroad yards and Lockhart after them. A big bull, in mad terror, crushed him against the side of a car.
W. Henry Sheak, The Elephant in Captivity, Natural History, September-October 1922

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