Circus Florilegio (Circo Il Florilegio di Darix Togni) in Italy

Circus Florilegio (Circo Il Florilegio di Darix Togni)
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Livio, Corrado, Davio Nevia, and Danila Togni were the children of Darix Togni (1922-1976), son of Ercole Togni.

In April 1990, in Paris' Bois de Boulogne, Livio Togni (b.1950) and his brothers inaugurated Il Florilegio di Darix Togni.

Since 2006, the family operates three circus units: Il Florilegio – Amar in Algeria, a two-ring circus with a circus-on-ice part managed by Livio Togni's sons, Max and Steve; another unit named Darix Togni, managed by Davio Togni, which has successfully performed for two consecutive years (2007 and 2008) in Teheran, Iran; and a third unit which is occasionally used during the winter in Italy or France.

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