Circus Wulff in Switzerland

Circus Wulff

Place Basel
Country Switzerland


Key People: Adele Rossi (artist)
: Clotilde Rossi (artist)
: Alfredo Rossi (animal trainer)


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Circus Wulff, in Basel, Switzerland .

Comments / pictures1887 German-Dutch ringmaster Edouard Wulff (in england Henry Edward Wulff ) took over The London Palladium for a short time.
1891-05-07 Ede Wulff opened Europe\'s first permanent circus in Budapest. The sizes of this building were the same like the present day Circus, the only difference was the seating of the room, it seated 2290 before. Ringmaster Wulff\'s original building was dismantled in 1966 and its replacement opened its doors in 1971 with a reduced seating of 1,850.

1902: Karel Kludsky senior acquired the cavalry of the Wulff Circus and created a large circus-hippodrome to which it annexed his menagerie.
Circus Wulff in Switzerland Switzerland

Wulff\'s Improved Apparatus for Throwing Animals to take a Somersault is a device for projecting horses, elephants, monkeys &c into the air so that they perform the so-called saltomortale. The animal is supported by means of a body belt, fastened to vertical posts on a plate, so that its Feet are just in contact with the plate. The plate is connected to a base by means of a hinge at one end, and springs are provided which tilt the plate when a catch is released.

When the animal is strapped into position and the trigger pulled, the plate tilts and the animal turns a somersault, the rings on the body belt readily disengaging themselves from the hooks on the supporting posts.

The apparatus is designed to ensure that the animal does not cling with the legs, which would be objectionable.
- Eduard Wulff Circus Manager, 10 Rue du Moniteur, Brussels, Belgium (Agent: W P Thompson & Co)

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