African Lion Safari (Ontario) in Canada

African Lion Safari (Ontario)

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Owner 1969: Jimmy Chipperfield
Size300 hectares (740 acres)
First elephant arrived1971
Opened for public1969
Address RR #1
Zip-code N1R 5S2
Place Cambridge
Country Canada
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Key People


Elephant department

Head keepers
of elephants
Charlie Gray

Elephant keepers 1999-: Richard Evers
2000-2000: Pelle Zettersten
Record history
History of updates2021-11-18

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African Lion Safari (Ontario), located at RR #1, in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada , was founded in 1969, opened for public in 1969 and the first elephant arrived in 1971.

Living elephants

At the African Lion Safari (Ontario) lives 16 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Anna May born 2015-05-04
  2. Emily born 2006-04-23
  3. George born 1999-10-21
  4. Hannah born 2014-10-19
  5. Imke born 2020-11-22
  6. Jenny (Gertie, GOP) born 1966-08
  7. Lilly (Israela) born 1985-01-31
  8. Luna born 2018-08-17
  9. Maggie (Mug, Mugwamp) born 1968
  10. Natasha born 1994-02-27
  11. Nellie born 2013-08-02
  12. Onyx born 2018-08-18
  13. Opal born 2005-11-04
  14. Piccolo (Piccolina) born 1994-12-11
  15. Rose born 2016-02-28
  16. Sunita born 2018-11-14

Comments / picturesAfrican Lion Safari is a family-owned safari park in Southern Ontario, Canada, straddling the cities of Hamilton and Cambridge, located 100 kilometres (62 mi) west of Toronto. It is home to one of North America\'s most successful Asian elephant breeding programs, with more second-generation captive births than any other North American institution.

1971: African Lion Safari in Cambridge, Ontario, began working with Asian elephants

1985: started to make a concentrated effort to breed Asian elephants.

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