Pairi Daiza (Parc Paradisio) in Belgium

Pairi Daiza (Parc Paradisio)
Photo © Thijs Witters
Photo © Thijs Witters

Local name Pairi Daiza

OwnerPairi Daiza Belgium SA
Size65-hectare (160-acre)
Total nrs4
First elephant arrived2009
Opened for public1993
Number of animals4
Address Domaine de Cambron
Zip-code B-7940
Place Brugelette
Province Hainaut
Country Belgium
Website Website


Key People 2018-: Martin van Wees (curator)


Elephant department

Head keepers
of elephants
2010-2017: Kalle Behring
(elephant head-keeper)
2017-now: Rob Conachie
(elephant head-keeper)
Rob Conachie

Elephant keepers -: Nicolas Covens
Record history
History of updates2021-07-21

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Pairi Daiza (Parc Paradisio), located at Domaine de Cambron, in Brugelette, Belgium , opened for public in 1993 and the first elephant arrived in 2009.

Living elephants

At the Pairi Daiza (Parc Paradisio) lives 18 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Amithi born 2012-12-24
  2. Aye Chan May born 1995-08-13
  3. Chamundi (Magnum) born 1992-05-25
  4. Farina born 2003-03-20
  5. Jana born 1976-00-00
  6. Khaing Hnin Hnin born 1982-09-13
  7. Luna born 2019-06-08
  8. Mala born 1964-00-00
  9. Malee born 2019-02-26
  10. Maly (Malay) born 2013-03-13
  11. Nang Faa born 2015-05-20
  12. Po Chin born 2000-07-18
  13. Praya (Preya) born 1976-00-00
  14. Saphira born 2010-05-07
  15. Sayang born 1995
  16. Sitara born 2013-10-27
  17. Soraya born 2010-12-09
  18. Ta Wan born 2017-09-19

Comments / pictures1993: The zoo was opened in 1993 as a bird garden named Paradisio.

2009: The zoo opened the 4-hectare (9.9-acre) "Kingdom of Ganesha," an Indonesian themed garden.[8][9] It also changed its name to Pairi Daiza, which means "walled garden" or "orchard protected by walls", the oldest name for paradise.

Pairi Daiza (Parc Paradisio) in Belgium Belgium />

Photo © Thijs Witters

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