Nayarambalam Ramankutty an Asian elephant at Nayarambalam Bhagavathy Temple (Nayarambalam NSS Trust)

 ☨ ♂ Nayarambalam Ramankutty  
Species:Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Sex and age:Male ♂
Id number
Body height: 2.95 meter, 9.7 feet
Born:* unknown
Birth place:
Dead date: 2011-06-06
Death reason: unknown: seriously injured by mahout?
Present / last location:Nayarambalam Bhagavathy Temple (Nayarambalam NSS Trust), in India

Date of Arrival

1993-12-00Nayarambalam Bhagavathy Temple (Nayarambalam NSS Trust) from Sonepur Mela Haathi Bazaar (Harihar Kshetra Mela)

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† Nayarambalam Ramankutty is a dead Male ♂ Asian elephant, (Elephas maximus), who died at Nayarambalam Bhagavathy Temple (Nayarambalam NSS Trust), in India, from unknown reasons in 2011-06-06, seriously injured by mahout?(see detailed list).


Nayarambalam Ramankutty was born unknown .

Comments / pictures

Officials said the elephant was seriously injured after some mahouts tried to forcibly control the animal when it experienced musth two months ago.

Reference listKoehl, Dan, (2020). Nayarambalam Ramankutty, an Asian at Nayarambalam Bhagavathy Temple (Nayarambalam NSS Trust) in India. Elephant Encyclopedia, available online retrieved 25 November 2020 at (archived at the Wayback machine)

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