Pang Bua Ngoen at Bangkok Safari World

† Pang Bua Ngoen
Alternative name:Ngun
ID Number:
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female ♀, unknown maybe about years old (estimated age)
Dead date: 2017,
Death reason: unknown:
Location:Bangkok Safari World
ArrivedBangkok Safari World
from Ban Ta Klang unspecified owner
Born: wild
Offspring and year of birth:(Claimed offspring: 6)
  1. (M) noname, Local nr: 1
  2. (F) noname, Local nr: 2
  3. (M) 1969 Plai Thong Bai, Local nr: 3
  4. (F) >1972? Pang Chand Pen, Local nr: 4
  5. (F) >1975? Pang Thong Muan, Local nr: 5
  6. (M) >1978? Plai Rambo, Local nr: 6
Document updated2018-06-13: death report, alt name
2018-07-01: text, offspring

Pang is a prefix name, used in Thailand for female elephants.

Mother of Thumjai and Thongbai at Ban Ta Klang, Surin.

Mae Bua Ngoen had 6 children altogether:
The first calf was a bull who died, and had no name. (This took place around 70 years ago, and at the time, the registration system didn’t cover such details.) The second calf was a cow who died, and had no name. (Again, the registration system didn’t cover the details.) The third calf was Plai Thong Bai. His father was Plai Noi (deceased). The fourth calf was Pang Chand Pen (still alive). Her father was Plai Gud (deceased). The fifth calf was Pang Thong Muan (still alive). Her father was Plai Nuam (deceased).
The sixth calf was Plai Rambo (still alive). His father was Plai Nuam (deceased).

Sources, among others

  • Louise Rogerson
  • Lalipa Nilubol

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