27 March 2019
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Chandra at Oklahoma City Zoo

27 March 2019
Now intensively researching how to get the database queries to work with php7. //Dan

ID Number:   SSP Number: 385 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female ♀ 23 years old
Body weight: 3318.18 kg, 7300.00 lbs
Management:Protected contact
Location:Oklahoma City Zoo
ArrivedOklahoma City Zoo 2010-10-18
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Born:1996-07-02 captive-born in
Dickerson Park Zoo
Parents: Onyx (Big Mac) x Moola
Siblings through the father Onyx (Big Mac):
  1. 1985-06-12 -- † 1985-06-12 (F) noname
  2. 1990-10-11(F) Shanti
  3. 1991-07-26 -- † 1993-02-28 (F) Maiya (Kate)
  4. 1992-09-07 -- † 1992-09-07 (M) stillborn
  5. 1992-12-27(M) Raja
  6. 1995-02-02(F) Asha
  7. 1997-09-06 -- † 1997-09-06 (M) stillborn
  8. 1998-05-17 -- † 2000-11-29 (M) Kala
  9. 1999-11-28 -- † 2002-06-07 (M) Haji
  10. 2000-04-12 -- † 2000-04-12 (M) Pete
  11. 2000-11-03 -- † 2007-06-08 (F) Hansa
Siblings through the mother Moola:
  1. 1999-11-28 -- † 2002-06-07 (M) Haji
  2. 2006-07-18 -- † 2007-12-01 (F) Nisha
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In December 1998, half sisters Asha and Chandra were sold to the Oklahoma City Zoo. At their new home, they were both transitioned from Free to Protected Contact. In the summer of 2008, both cows were transferred across the state to the Tulsa Zoo on a breeding loan, slated to return by the end of 2010 upon the completion of a new Asia exhibit.

The new Asia exhibit was designed as an 11 acre, $23 million dollar project due to open in 2011. The elephant exhibit will be designed as though entering Thailand and giving the elephants up to six acres of grassland, as opposed to the previous quarter acre of concrete.

A year after arriving, Asha and Chandra were introduced together to Sneezy in the summer of 2009. After behavioral changes and high hormone levels in bloodwork, Asha was confirmed pregnant when a heartbeat was detected during an ultrasound in October. It was announced to the public in December.

In 1997, Chandra became the first survivor of the Elephant Endotheliotropic HerpesVirus, treated by the human drug Faciclovir.

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