Gentry Babe (Sahara)
Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) at
Gene Holters Movieland Animals (Gene Holter) in United States

dead elephant ☨ ♀ Gentry Babe (Sahara)  dead elephant



Species:Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Sex and age:Female ♀ 70 years old
Born:* 1897 wild
Birth place:
Dead: 1967-05-18
Death reason: euthanised:
Locations - owners
Present / last location:Gene Holters Movieland Animals (Gene Holter), in United States

Date of arrival

1955-00-00Gene Holters Movieland Animals (Gene Holter)
from Wallace and Clark Circus

1950-00-00Wallace and Clark Circus
from Seal Brothers Circus (Bud E. Anderson)

1946-00-00Seal Brothers Circus (Bud E. Anderson)
from Arthur Brothers Circus

1943-00-00Arthur Brothers Circus
from Atterbury Brothers Circus

1942-00-00Atterbury Brothers Circus
from Bud E. Anderson Circus

1939-00-00Bud E. Anderson Circus 1939-00-00
from Tom Mix Circus

1935-00-00Tom Mix Circus
from Sam B. Dill Circus and Tom Mix Wild West Show

1934-00-00Sam B. Dill Circus and Tom Mix Wild West Show
from Sam B. Dill Circus

1933-00-00Sam B. Dill Circus
from Christy Brothers Circus

1928-00-00Christy Brothers Circus
from Lee Brothers Circus

1925-00-00Lee Brothers Circus
from Christy Brothers Circus

1924-00-00Christy Brothers Circus
from Gentry Brothers Circus (Austin and Newman)

1916-00-00Gentry Brothers Circus (Austin and Newman)
from Gentry Brothers Circus

1900-00-00Gentry Brothers Circus
from Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Neue Pferdemarkt)

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† Gentry Babe (Sahara) is a dead Female ♀ Asian elephant (Elephas maximus), , who died 1967-05-18 at Gene Holters Movieland Animals (Gene Holter), in United States, .


Gentry Babe (Sahara) was born wild 1897.

Comments / pictures

Records about Gentry Babe (Sahara) from William "Buckles" Woodcocks Blog at
"1900 Imported from Hagenbeck Zoo
1900-14 Various Gentry owned Shows
1915-16 Gentry Bros, Circus
1917-23 Gentry Bros. Circus (Newman and Austin owners)
1924 Christy Bros. Circus
1927-27 Lee Bros. Circus (Christys #2 Unit)
1928-30 Christy Bros. Circus
1931-32 Christy Qtrs. in Pasadena, Tx.
1933 Sam B. Dill Circus
1934 Sam B. Dill & Tom Mix Circus
1935-38 Tom Mix Circus
1939-41 Bud E. Anderson Circus
1942 Atterbury Bros. Circus (Leased from Anderson)
1943-45 Arthur Bros. Circus.
1944: at Arthur Bros. Circus with "Bonnie", "India", "Shirley Temple", "Vera", "Wilhelmina"
1946-49 Seal Bros. Circus (Bud E. Anderson)
1950-53 Wallace & Clark Circus (Norman Andeson)
1954 Pan American Circus (Leased from Anderson)
1955-67 Gene Holter Animal Shows

Probably 70 at the time of her death 5/18/67

Richard Reynolds and I have decided that Gentry Babe was the only elephant definately proven to be at least 70 years of age at the time of her death in 1967."

Williams Buckles Woodcock

William "Buckles" Woodcock

Gentry Babe (Sahara) in Gene Holters Movieland Animals (Gene Holter)

Records about Gentry Babe (Sahara) from Bob Cline

BABE ( Gentry ) 1900 - Hagenbeck Zoo in Germany
Female Asian 1900 to 1922 - Gentry Bros. Circus
1922 - Pattersons Big Wild Animal Show
1923 to 1924 - Gentry - Patterson Circus
1925 to 1926 - Lee Bros. Circus
1927 to 1932 - Christy Bros. Circus
1933 - Sam B. Dill Circus called SAHARA
1934 to 1938 - Tom Mix Circus
1939 to 1942 - Bud Anderson Shows
1941 to 1943 - Atterbury Bros. Circus
1944 to 1945 - Arthur Bros. Circus
1946 to 1950 - Seal Bros. Circus
1951 to 1953 - Wallace & Clark Circus
1953 to 1954 - Pan American Carnival
1955 to 1967 - Gene Holters Hollywood Animal Actors
Died - May 18, 1967 ( Euthanasia )

Bob Cline, author of the book "Americas elephants".
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