Elephant locations in Swaziland

2 locations has kept elephants in Swaziland

There is presently 0 (0,0) living elephants in locations in Swaziland (in this database)

Region: Swaziland is in this database included in africaOther regions
Location holdings:

2 locations has kept 1 elephants in Swaziland

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Elephants in locations0 (0,0) living1 (0,1) dead
Sex ratio and
 Male  0 / 0  0%
 Female  0 / 0  0%
 Free contact  0 / 0  0%
 Protected contact  0 / 0  0%
 No contact  0 / 0  0%
 Unknown contact  0 / 0  0%
 wild  0 / 0  0%

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NameElephant collectionTypePlaceRegion
Hlane National Park
Kept totally 21 elephants
, 0 present (0,0)18 births20 relocated1 deathswild
Mkhaya Game Reserve
Kept totally 8 elephants
, 0 present (0,0)1 births8 relocated0 deathswild

Elephants born in Swaziland without specified birth location

1 elephants with records of Swaziland as birth or capture country.

NameSpeciesSexOriginBirthAgeCapturePresent locationDeath date
LuluLAFwild1966521968Performing Animal Welfare Society / ARK 2000 (PAWS)
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