Elephant locations in Namibia

13 locations has kept elephants in Namibia

There is presently 18 (6,8) living elephants in locations in Namibia (in this database)

Region: Namibia is in this database included in africaOther regions
Location holdings:

13 locations has kept 42 elephants in Namibia

(Database tables with collection of elephants further down on the page)

Elephants in locations18 (6,8) living24 (4,2) dead
Sex ratio and
 Male  6 / 18 
 Female  8 / 18 
 Free contact  0 / 18  0%
 Protected contact  0 / 18  0%
 No contact  0 / 18  0%
 Unknown contact  5 / 18 
 wild  10 / 18 

1884-1915: Present Namibia was refered to as German South-West Africa.
1915-1988 (officially 1990): Present Namibia was refered to as South-West Africa.

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NameElephant collectionTypePlaceRegion
Caprivi Strip
Kept totally 19 elephants
, 0 present (0,0)19 births0 relocated19 deathswild
Eden Game Farm (Johan Hansen)
Kept totally 5 elephants
, 0 present (0,0)0 births5 relocated0 deathsdealerOtjozondjupa Region
Etosha National Park
Kept totally 1 elephants
, 0 present (0,0)2 births1 relocated0 deathswild
Geleksberg Farm (Golden Game cc Johan and Kobus Lombaard)
Kept totally 3 elephants
, 3 present (0,1)0 births0 relocated0 deathsdealerMarientalHardap Region
Kunene Region
Kept totally 5 elephants
, 4 present (1,3)0 births0 relocated1 deathswildOpuwo
N/a an ku ss Lodge (Golden Game cc Johan and Kobus Lombaard)
Kept totally 5 elephants
, 2 present (0,0)0 births3 relocated0 deathsprivateWindhoek
Namib Game Services (Herbert Henle)
Kept totally 15 elephants
, 0 present (0,0)0 births15 relocated0 deathsdealerOtjiwarongo
Okambara Elephant Lodge
Kept totally 9 elephants
, 9 present (5,4)5 births0 relocated0 deathscampWindhoek
Ovita Game Farm
Kept totally 5 elephants
, 0 present (0,0)0 births3 relocated2 deathsprivateOkahandja
Walter Schulz
Kept totally 10 elephants
, 0 present (0,0)0 births8 relocated2 deathsdealer
Waterberg Plateau Park
Kept totally 11 elephants
, 0 present (0,0)11 births11 relocated0 deathswildOtjiwarongo
Wolfgang Delfts
Kept totally 14 elephants
, 0 present (0,0)0 births14 relocated0 deathsdealerWindhoek
Zoopark Okahandja (Walter Schulz)
Kept totally 1 elephants
, 0 present (0,0)0 births1 relocated0 deathszooOkahandjaWindhoek

Elephants born in Namibia without specified birth location

54 elephants with records of Namibia as birth or capture country.

NameSpeciesSexOriginBirthAgeCapturePresent locationDeath date
+ Jumbo (Mila, Melanie Kai, Mele Kahea)LAFwild197344San Diego Zoo2017-03-15
GrandeLAMwild?Africam Safari (Puebla Zoo)
LiderLAFwild?Africam Safari (Puebla Zoo)
NamibLAMwild198830Elephants of Eden (EOE)
ToshaLAFwild198830Elephants of Eden (EOE)
+ SabiLAFwild198434Rhenen Zoo (Ouwehands Dierenpark Rhenen)2018-01-02
KingaLAFwild1987311988Poznan Zoo
Kizia (Kizi, Kizior)LAFwild198731Poznan Zoo
MayaLAFwild200414Bioparc Valencia
MantiLAFwild200513Bioparc Valencia
MatlaLAFwild200018Bioparc Valencia
MutiLAFwild200117Bioparc Valencia
MetziLAFwild200315Bioparc Valencia
unnamedLAMwild2008-11-0010Okambara Elephant Lodge
Maclean (Mac)LAMwild198236Disneys Animal Kingdom
+ Bingo (Shorty)LAMwild198430Peaugres Safaripark2014-08-03
EllieLAFwild1982361983Lowry Park Zoo
+ PeachesLAFwild1950551952Lincoln Park Zoo2005-01-17
+ MBili (Mbli)LAFwild1989231992ZooParc de Beauval2012-07-06?
NDalaLAFwild1989291992ZooParc de Beauval
MKaliLAFwild1989291992ZooParc de Beauval
+ FloraLAFwild1982252002Moscow Zoo (Moskovskii Zoopark)2007-02-10
SarahLAFwild198335Granby Zoo (Le Zoo de Granby)
JambaLAMwild199622Belo Horizonte (Jardim ZoolĂłgico de Belo Horizonte)
+ DandaraLAFwild199515Belo Horizonte (Jardim ZoolĂłgico de Belo Horizonte)2010-04-03
+ TotoLAFwild1970461974Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park2016-03-29
+ Dschilda (Gilda)LAFwild198118Nikolaev Zoo1999-06-17
+ Nanda (Nandy)LAFwild1976-19761978Trunks and Humps (Bill Swain)
+ Marie (Mary)LAFwild198529Thoiry Zoo (Parc de Thoiry)2014-02-00
+ MickyLAFwild1984341985Grants Farm2018-12-00
+ Bud (Budweiser)LAMwild1984341985Grants Farm2018-03-19
KellyLAFwild198335Atlanta Zoo
+ WombaLAFwild1965-1965Mary Chipperfield
+ SuzieLAFwild197312Knowsley Safari Park1985
+ ObaLAMwild19744Houston Zoo1978-07-30
+ KiasiLAFwild197051972Lion Country Safari, Inc - Stockbridge1975
+ CefroseLAMwild196624Knowsley Safari Park1990
+ AdegaLAFwild196836Knowsley Safari Park2004-06-30
+ NdovuLAFwild196815Knowsley Safari Park1983
+ Choto (Chota)LAFwild196737Knowsley Safari Park2004-09-19
+ RosemaryLAFwild196529Knowsley Safari Park1994-05-01
+ TessaLAFwild19687Knowsley Safari Park1975
+ BumiLAFwild0Walter Schulz
+ unknownLAMwild1965-1965Walter Schulz
+ KutengaLAFwild1965-1965Berlin Zoo
+ MurikatiLAFwild19658Berlin Zoo1973-07-14
+ Carl (Bonyaba)LAFwild196511Berlin Zoo1976-08-00
+ YalaLAFwild19649Berlin Zoo1973-06-20
+ JamboLAFwild?Berlin Zoo1960-04-10
JimmyLAMwild?Okambara Elephant Lodge
CedricLAMwild?Okambara Elephant Lodge
+ ThumperLAMwild196519Knowsley Safari Park1984
LeopoldLAMwild?Okambara Elephant Lodge
LisaLAFwild?Okambara Elephant Lodge
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