Circus Amar in France

Circus Amar
 The Circus Amar elephants with Joseph Haak 1935.
The Circus Amar elephants with Joseph Haak 1935.
First elephant1924
Stopped elephants2018
Closed down2018

1934: Circus Amar bought 16 of the Kludsky elephants from Firma Ruhe, four bulls (Piccolo, Borneo, Charly, +1) and 12 cows. They were fetched at Kludskys by the elephant trainer Josef Hack, who brought them 1934-02-22 to Amar and showed them in the ring.

Thanks to Mr Adrian who gave me informations from Gustave Soury who always took notes of the animals in the circus and zoo he attended, I have got the complete list of the herd bought by Amar. The bulls were: Charley, Piccolo, Bosco and Borneo. The cows: Sumatra, Baby, Poutchy, Burma I et II , Ceylon, Java, Vebus, Diana, Bombay, Mouly and X? (X = Mary?)
Christian Hamel, France, 2010

1937: Haak also starred in the film Scipio Africanus: The Defeat of Hannibal with the Amar elephants.
1938-1939: In the winter 1938/1939, 8 of the Amars elephants where on tour with Circus Strassburger in Sweden, under Josef Hack. Mary gave birth to another calf from Piccolo during this winter //Christian Hamel
1939: In 1939 Circus Strassburger was traveling through The Netherlands and was performing in Amsterdam in November of that year. An exhibtion building was used as shelter for the animals and on November 22, Birma gave birth to Gina. //Gerald Postma
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