Absolut elephant

Please report any errors you find in the DB, or any news about births, deaths and transfers of elephants you want to share.
The largest elephant database in the world, possibly also the largest online database of animal individuals, presents 16814 elephants (including 810 breeding cows and 288 breeding bulls) , and each of the 2684 location facilities in 122 countries.

Theres also sections which incorporates the database, like different types of death reasons: euthanised, poisoned, falling into moats, mankillers, various diseases like tuberculosis or herpesvirus virus, as well as breeding topics like castrated bulls, artificial insemination, or American studbook(uncomplete), Australasian Region Asian Elephant Studbook, European studbook(uncomplete), Japanese studbook(uncomplete), captive elephants from Karnataka, India(NEW! uncomplete), birth weights(uncomplete), list of names, summarize and graphical statistics and the latest changes in the elephant database. (RSS).

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