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Buckles,<br /> You were one of the best basketball players in the history of Hot Springs High School. We were neighbors and we played hoops and football in our neighborhood. You nailed a backboard to a tree, attached a rim and we played basketball near your house. <br /> Good to see that you are doing well. <br /> Take care,<br /> Don Duren <br /> (used to live at the corner of Ramble and Bloom Sts). I try to visit HS when I can. I'm not too far from there.<br />

Don 2009-03-06 Don Duren

are elephants lucky or do they represent longevity..and someone once told me that elephants have a long memory,is that true?

ruth roscom 2009-03-02

Annabel from Emmen Zoo Died<br /> <br /> Sunday the 1th of March, Annabel fell into the dry moat, after a couple of tries, the zoo desided to hire a crane, which took Annabel on the island. Unfortunately the vet desided to euthanise her, because she was in a shock... ='(

Alex Zijlstra 2009-03-01 The Netherlands

Back in business, folks! Please submit any contributions and corrections you have. And remember,<br /> THIS IS NOT A FORUM FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS ACITIVISTS!

Ryan Easley 2009-02-25

Great site! I'll be back to visit. Interested in Susi. We must all work towards saving all of God's creation. Peace

Kitty 2009-02-08 usa

I am an avid elephant lover(from afar) but I did visit la Cote dívoire in my younger days and had the chance to see some real elephants.<br /> <br /> Your database is great and keeps me informed onthe elephant population

fred 2009-02-07 Costa Rica
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