Tom-Tom at Yankee Robinson Circus

Male Asian elephant Tom-Tom at Yankee Robinson Circus

† Tom-Tom
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This record may be a duplicate record with TomTom at Samuel Lockhart
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Male, unknown years
Dead date: 1911-06-24
Death reason: accident: Drowned in Cumberland, WI.??
Location:Yankee Robinson Circus
ArrivedSamuel Lockhart 1904-00-00
from George Jabour Show
George Jabour Show 1903-00-00
Born: wild
Document updated2010-09-27:
This record may be a duplicate record with TomTom at Samuel Lockhart
1909-04-09: Tom-Tom Killed Charles Bellow and was shot 40 times in order to stop him.

1911-06-24 drowned:

"Tom Tom was slightly larger than the other elephants with the Yankee Robinson Circus but was a well behaved and docile animal. Unfortunately he had two problems. He was blind and he had an unnatural fear of water. When the circus train pulled into town it meant the elephants had to walk to the area where the performance would take place. Some times this meant crossing a bridge over a river. Upon arriving at the bridge Tom Tom would smell the water and refuse to go any farther.

Then it was necessary for the elephant handlers to have the other elephants surround Tom Tom and force him, by the combined weight of their bodies, across the bridge.

On June 24, 1911 in Cumberland, Wisconsin the unexpected and totally unexplainable event took place. The elephants were chained to the holding stakes in their tent. Suddenly Tom Tom tore loose and ran to the nearby river walking into the water and although it was unbelievable, he some how drowned himself."

Edwin B. Yeisley

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