Gyp (Gypsy, Empress?) at Great J. E. Henry Show

† Gyp (Gypsy, Empress?)
ID Number:
Species: Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Sex and age:Female ♀, unknown maybe about years old (estimated age)
Dead date: 1915
Death reason: unknown:
People killed:4
Location:Great J. E. Henry Show
ArrivedGreat J. E. Henry Show 1907-00-00
from Cook and Barrett (Cook Bros)
Cook and Barrett (Cook Bros) 1905-00-00
from William P Hall Animal Farm
William P Hall Animal Farm 1904-00-00
from Harris Nickel Plate Shows
Harris Nickel Plate Shows 1903-00-00
from Great Wallace Brothers
Great Wallace Brothers 1895-00-00
from Cook and Whitby Shows (Ben Wallace)
Cook and Whitby Shows (Ben Wallace) 1892-00-00
from Bartines Circus
Bartines Circus 1890-00-00
from Wallace and Co Circus
Wallace and Co Circus 1886-00-00
from Miller, Stowe and Freeman
Born: wild
Document updated2013-04-16: 
Gyp is said to have been William P. Halls first elephant.

Contradictory records:
Some sources state she was sold from Ben Wallace in 1900, others in 1903.

Records about Gyp (Gypsy, Empress?) from William "Buckles" Woodcocks Blog at
The big elephant next to trainer, Fatty Shea, is Gypsy or Empress. This is the elephant that killed Jimmy the Bum in Chicago with Harris Nickel Plate Show.
//Buckles Woodcock

Bill Johnston wrote an article called Tough Circus Elephants an it included "Gypsy" from the Nickel Plate Shows. She was some kind of horror. She was responsible for at least 4 victims.
//Joe Ratliff

Records about Gyp (Gypsy, Empress?) from Bob Cline
Female Asian 1885 - Miller, Stone & Freeman Show
1886 to 1889 - Wallace & Co.
1890 to 1891 - leased by Ben Wallace to Bartines Circus
1892 to 1894 - Cook & Whitby ( owned by Ben Wallace )
1895 to 1902 - Great Wallace Shows
1903 to 1904 - Harris Nickel Plate Shows
1904 - sold to Wm. P. Hall ( became Hall's first elephant )
1905 to 1906 - leased to Cook & Barrett
1907 to 1914 - J.E. Henry Shows
Died - 1915

Sources, among others

  • Circus history
  • Buckles weblog

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