Kiba (Chupa) at Nashville Zoo

Female African Bush elephant Kiba (Chupa) at Nashville Zoo

Kiba. Nashville Zoo 07/2007. Photo: © Amanda Pippin
† Kiba (Chupa)
ID Number:   SSP Number: 483 - 
Species: African Bush elephant
Sex and age:Female 27 years
Dead date: 2009-12-17
Death reason: euthanised: degenerative joint disease
Location:Nashville Zoo
ArrivedNashville Zoo 1995-04-15
from Pankows Pachyderms (Chuck Pankow)
Pankows Pachyderms (Chuck Pankow) 1992-00-00
from Hollywild Animal Park (David Meeks)
Hollywild Animal Park (David Meeks) 1986-01-00
from Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)
Born:1982 wild Zimbabwe
Capture: 1984
Document updated2009-01-04: Previous locations, Birth, Text, Image
2009-12-19: Name, Death, Text
In January 1988, an unknown location named as "Pymatunin" in the North American Regional Studbook for the African Elephant purchased the elephant named Chupa from David Meeks. In 1990, she was sold to another unknown location named as "Waterwhee" in the Studbook, where her name was changed to Kiba. The Pankow's bought her in 1992 from the sideshow. In April 1995, Kiba and another cow were transferred to the Nashville Zoo. In September 1999, a third cow, Sukari, joined the pair. All three elephants were owned by Pankow's Pachyderms, a private group run by Chuck and Rise Pankow.

In March 2007, the three African cows of the Nashville Zoo were weighed with portable scales from the Tennessee Highway Patrol. Sukari weighed 9500 pounds, Hadari weiged 9800 pounds, and Kiba weighed five tons.

In September 2007, a first attempt to artificially inseminate Kiba by Nashville Zoo elephant staff and renowned elephant reproductive expert Dr. Dennis Schmitt was made. In March of the next year it was found the effort failed. It was announced further inseminations would be attempted.

In December 2009, Kiba was euthanized due to degenerative joint disease. The problem stemmed from an ankle injury she received before being purchased by the Pankow's in 1992. She was buried on the zoo property.

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