Jumbo (Mila, Melanie Kai, Mele Kahea) at San Diego Zoo

Female African Bush elephant Jumbo (Mila, Melanie Kai, Mele Kahea) at San Diego Zoo

Photo: © Franklin Zoo
† Jumbo (Mila, Melanie Kai, Mele Kahea)
ID Number:   SSP Number: 364 - 
Species: African Bush elephant
Sex and age:Female 44 years
Dead date: 2017-03-15
Death reason: unknown:
Location:San Diego Zoo
ArrivedSan Diego Zoo 2013-11-14
from Franklin Zoo and Wildlife sanctuary
Franklin Zoo and Wildlife sanctuary 2009-11-28
from Circus Loritz
Circus Loritz 2006-00-00
from Whirling Brothers Circus
Whirling Brothers Circus 1978-10-08
from Noumea Quarantine Station
Noumea Quarantine Station 1978-09-08
from Honolulu Zoo (Kapiolani Park Zoo)
Honolulu Zoo (Kapiolani Park Zoo) 1976-11-00
from unknown
from Fred Zeehandelaar Inc
Born:1973 wild Namibia
Document updated2009-01-11: Birth, Source

2009-08-18: year of transfer

2009-11-24: transfer

2009-12-02: previous locations

2009-12-04: picture, corr. date of arrival

2011-04-06: Previous locations, SSP RE

2012-04-25: mankiller, killed owner at the zoo

2013-09-01: quarantine location

2013-11-15: transfered

2013-11-16: present location, corr arr date
2017-03-15: link to EleWiki submitted
2017-03-15: dead
Contradictory records:
The records for this elephant had errors befor as follows: Honolulu Zoo (Kapiolani Park Zoo) 1976-11-00 from London Zoo. London Zoo from Frans van den Brink, based on a 2009 mail from reading: It would seem that Jumbo (known at Honolulu Zoo as Melanie Kai) was imported to Holland by Van der Brinck. Others imported at the same time, including her sister, went to London Zoo. She was sent to Hawaii aged 9 months.Charles Cadwallader

But Jumbos previous owner Tony Radcliffe wrote me: My brother Robin and myself imported Jumbo in Oct 1978 , by American Airlines , she was flown from Honolulu to NZ. She came from Namibia , imported to America SEA world with a large group of young AfricansTony Radcliffe

Circus Lorentz had taken Jumbo on after her owner Tony Radcliffe - who has had her since she was five years old - decided to retire. In December 2009 she was transferred to Franklin Zoo as a gift.

In the 2005 Edition of the North American Regional Studbook for the African Elephant, this animal is listed as alive. The 2008 SSP Update lists this elephant as Lost to Follow-up.

2012-04-24: Killed Dr Helen Schofield, owner, veterinarian, etc, at the Zoo.

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