Dahlip (Dalip) at Zoo Miami (Miami Metro Zoo)

Male ♂ Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) Dahlip (Dalip) at Zoo Miami (Miami Metro Zoo)

Dahlip. Miami MetroZoo 02/2009. Photo: © Tim May, ZooChat
Dahlip (Dalip)
ID Number:   SSP Number: 139 - 
Species: Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Sex and age:Male ♂ 52 years old
Body weight: 5454.55 kg, 12000.00 lbs
Management:Protected contact
Location:Zoo Miami (Miami Metro Zoo)
ArrivedZoo Miami (Miami Metro Zoo) 1995-06-02
from Two Tails Ranch (Patricia Zerbini)
Two Tails Ranch (Patricia Zerbini) 1992-09-11
from Zoo Miami (Miami Metro Zoo)
Zoo Miami (Miami Metro Zoo) 1980-00-00
from Crandon Park Zoo
Crandon Park Zoo 1967-08-26
from Trivandrum Zoo (Thiruvananthapuram Zoo)
Born:1966-07-10 captive-born in
Trivandrum Zoo (Thiruvananthapuram Zoo)
Offspring, year of birth, year of death:

    Total: 4 babies

  1. (F) 1977-04-02 -- † 1977-04-19 Rocky, SSP nr: 140
  2. (M) 1981-07-02 Spike (Ganesha), SSP nr: 141
  3. (F) 1985-10-28 -- † 1985-10-30 Pearl, SSP nr: 142
  4. (M) 1996-05-22 -- † 1996-05-22 unborn, SSP nr: 387
Document updated2009-11-27: Birth, Management RE
2010-02-10: Text RE
2011-02-02: Image RE
2012-04-09: Previous locations, Text RE
Article and Image at ShowMe Elephants: "Candy Hitchcock Collection - Dahlip," 04/05/2012
Article and Image at ShowMe Elephants: "Bulls of Zoo Miami," 02/04/2011

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