Mama Mary (Mom) at Dixie Dime Circus

† Mama Mary (Mom)
ID Number:   SSP Number: 12 - 
Species: Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Sex and age:Female ♀ 59 years old
Dead date: 1933-11-09
Death reason: unknown:
Location:Dixie Dime Circus
ArrivedDixie Dime Circus 1931-00-00
from Otis L. Smith Carnival
Otis L. Smith Carnival 1930-00-00
from Gentry Brothers Circus
Gentry Brothers Circus 1928-00-00
from Walter L. Main Circus
Walter L. Main Circus 1925-00-00
from Sangers Great European Shows-Hugo Bros-Harris Bros-Gentry Bros (Floyd and Howard King)
Sangers Great European Shows-Hugo Bros-Harris Bros-Gentry Bros (Floyd and Howard King) 1924-00-00
from Sells-Floto Circus
Sells-Floto Circus 1906-00-00
from Otto Floto Dog and Pony Show
Otto Floto Dog and Pony Show 1904-00-00
from Great Floto Circus
Great Floto Circus 1902-00-00
from Carl Hagenbeck Animal Exhibit (Chicago Fair)
Carl Hagenbeck Animal Exhibit (Chicago Fair) 1893-00-00
from Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Neue Pferdemarkt)
Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Neue Pferdemarkt) 0000-00-00
from Firma Carl Hagenbeck
Born:1874 wild
Offspring and year of birth:
  1. (F) 1917-06-20 -- † 1917-06-20 stillborn, SSP nr: 13
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2010-05-12: corr. locations
Contradictory records:
The Asian Elephant Studbook, AZA North America, and Williams Buckles Woodcock gives different history for Sells-Flotos first elephant
Records about Mama Mary (Mom) from William "Buckles" Woodcocks Blog at
"Floto Shows first elephant "Mama Mary" imported from the Hagenbeck Zoo in 1903, for some reason she was always referred to as "Mom". The writer Courtney Riley Cooper made an issue of the fact that she only understood German."
Williams Buckles Woodcock

Records about Mama Mary (Mom) from Bob Cline
1874 - Born in the wild Stud # 12
1893 - Hagenbeck Zoo @ Chicago Worlds Fair
1902 - Great Floto Circus
1904 - Otto Floto Dog & Pony Show
1905 - Otto Floto called MOM
1906 to 1923 - Sells-Floto Circus
Bred to Snyder Stud # 7
Stillborn ( M ) birth June 20, 1917 Stud # 13
1924 - Harris Bros. Circus
1925 - Walter L. Main Circus
1928 to 1929 - Gentry Bros. Circus
1930 to 1931 - Otis L. Smith Carnival
1931 - Dixie Dime Circus
Died - Nov. 9, 1933 in Nyack, N.Y.

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