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Judy at Unknown

ID Number:   SSP Number: 58 - 
Species: Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Sex and age:Female ♀ 48 years old
Management:Lost to follow-up
ArrivedUnknown 1978-09-17 from Wildlife Safari
Wildlife Safari 1972-09-15
from Vancouver Zoo (Vancouver Game Farm)
Vancouver Zoo (Vancouver Game Farm) 1972-00-00
from Portland Zoo (Metro Washington Park Zoo)
Born:1970-05-13 captive-born in
Portland Zoo (Metro Washington Park Zoo)
Parents: Thonglaw x Pet
Siblings through the father Thonglaw:
  1. 1962-04-14 -- † 2017-02-09 (M) Packy
  2. 1962-10-02 -- † 1996-02-13 (F) Me-Tu
  3. 1963-09-15 -- † 1977 (M) Dino
  4. 1963-09-24(F) Hanako
  5. 1965-12-03(F) Cora (Noel)
  6. 1966-08-09 -- † 1978-05-05 (M) Teak (Rajah)
  7. 1968-09-29 -- † 1968-10-04 (F) Droopy
  8. 1970-03-25 -- † 1970-03-25 (F) stillborn or killed?
  9. 1970-04-26 -- † 2004-07-21 (F) Tina
  10. 1972-07-19 -- † 1983 (M) McClane (Gabriel)
  11. 1973-01-09 -- † 1976 (M) Stretch (Tuskanini)
  12. 1973-06-17 -- † 1995-08-28 (M) Stoney
  13. 1973-08-04 -- † 1973-08-07 (M) noname
  14. 1973-10-31 -- † 1986-10-26 (F) Emma (M&M)
Siblings through the mother Pet:
  1. 1963-09-15 -- † 1977 (M) Dino
  2. 1966-08-09 -- † 1978-05-05 (M) Teak (Rajah)
  3. 1973-06-17 -- † 1995-08-28 (M) Stoney
  4. 1982-12-26(F) Sung-Surin (Shine)
  5. 1991-10-06 -- † 1991-10-07 (M) none
Judys pedigree:





Document updated2009-03-04: Death, Text Re
2011-01-03: Text RE
2011-05-04: Lost RE
The North American Regional Studbook lists this elephant as Lost-to-Follow up, or a "documented animal whose current location is unknown." will assume this elephant is dead until more information is provided or discovered.

"Jackpot, a two-year-old male Indian elephant was a particular favourite of everyone’s. Jackpot played a central role at the official opening as he helped MLA Hunter Vogel perform the ribbon cutting.
Jackpot provided rides at the game farm, and made appearances at QE Theatre and Hotel Vancouver. Portland Zoo offered Hines newborn female twins Tina and Judy and he took delivery with a two-horse trailer.
Judy proved obstinate, but Hines said, “Tina had the most delightful this day, if I drive into Vancouver Game Farm and call, Tina rushes over to me and creates a big fuss, telling me all the news since I last talked to her.”
Hines sold Judy and Jackpot to the Winston Game Farm in Oregon in 1972, and Tina was given a St. Bernard named Suzie as a companion — one which she preferred to Judy and Jackpot."

From Wayne Jackson:
-Judy- Asian female
-Born Portland Zoo
-Date of Birth-05/13/70
-Sold to Winston Safari Park

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